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What are the challenges in your life? A cluttered and chaotic mind, a wounded heart and broken relationships? What if you could experience Peace in these aspects of your life?

What if you could make Friends with Money and eliminate the wrestle, the fear, the conflict and battle you experience with Money. What would that be like?

And all that unresolved life chatter in your mind and heart; fear, anger, shame, self-judgment and resignation.  These are the stressors that eventually show up in your painful and inconvenient physical health struggles. What if you could eliminate and disappear those stressors? Might your health shift? Would you want that?

Sometimes people just want to be clear about what their Purpose in life is and where they fit in this world physically and spiritually. Would that be of value to you to experience that type of Focus, Direction and Clarity? To experience a taste of Grace and Ease in your life.

Our purpose and the purpose of the Muscle Testing Academy is to open the door of Possibility, of Freedom and Peace that allows you to receive and embrace the Abundance of Life.

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2-Day Basic Muscle Testing Course

What if you could have more Peace, Power, and Freedom in Your Life?

· Acquire the Power & Expertise of Muscle Testing
· Be Skilled in the Art of Forgiveness
· 16 hours of training
· Experience demonstrations & Hands-on Application· 4 hours of follow-up training

What if you could Acquire the Tools of Muscle Testing in two days of training?

2-Day Basic Course

Date: Friday & Saturday, September 24 & 25, 2021

Time: 9:30 AM – 7 PM, Both Days


Hampton Inn

1825 N Higley Rd

Gilbert, AZ 85234

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